Economic and Community Development

Office Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Marcy Fry, Economic and Community Development Director

Telephone: (765) 552-3007
Fax: (765) 552-8372


MarcyThe Economic and Community Development Director will take over the initial
business and industrial inquires for the City of Elwood. They will also
be responsible for facilitating, promoting, and ensuring community development in
order to secure economic/business development opportunities and secure local

This position will identify and foster economic development opportunities and
secure funding in the way of grants for economic development activities and
programs and will be the key advocate in assisting local organizations on the
promotion of their businesses and our community in order to expand economic
development opportunities.

Key responsibilities will be identifying and communicating joint ventures. The
ECD Director will conduct site visits and monitor business results, as well as assist
with marketing plans. They will also provide assistance on available properties in
Elwood by maintaining a business and building inventory and by establishing
relationships with realtors.

The ECD Director will promote the community in order to expand on economic
opportunities, develop community and regional networks, and represent the
community at regional, territorial meetings and conferences pertaining to economic
and community development. They will develop a communications strategy to
citizens and businesses with the help of the mayor’s office, be a liaison to the
schools, industry, city officials, and retail business to promote our city and their
organizations for the opportunity of sustained growth.